About Avecinna Company

Avecinna Co. was established in 2005 with registration number 258464 from the General Administration of Registration of Companies and Industrial Property in Tehran to improve the provision of products and services to the medical community. The company products include the Cardiac Stress Test System, Cardiac Rehabilitation Telemetry System, Defibrillator Machine, Automated External Defibrillator, Electrocardiograph Machine, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, ECG Holter Monitoring, Patient Cable, Electrocardiograph Limb Clamp and Suction Bulb electrodes and Disposable Chest Electrode. The General Directorate of Medical Supplies of Iran licenses all products. Currently, Avecinna products are installed and used in over 1500 Iranian medical centers. They are also exported due to their high quality and potential to compete with authentic European and American products. Persian Gulf, CIS, and a numeral of African and European countries are among the customers of this company. High quality, affordable price, fast and appropriate after-sales service, as well as possessing national and international standards, have made this company one of the most reliable Iranian companies that manufacture and export medical equipment.

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