Cardiac Rehabilitation System

Cardiac Rehabilitation Telemetry System Model: ACR-6000

In recent years, cardiovascular diseases have been one of the most common diseases among the people of the world. Following the industrial life, overpopulation, lack of exercise, weight gain, high cholesterol, air pollution, stress and psychological pressure, smoking, and other various factors, heart diseases have the most victims of the disease during the past century. This is despite the fact that heart diseases’ age, in the country, has fallen to 15 years. Cardiac Rehabilitation system is a set of hardware and software components is used in order to recognize and measure the changes and analyze heart signal of cardiovascular patients. This system is mainly used in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of patients who have experienced acute myocardial infarction or people who have undergone open-heart surgery, (CABG), those with constant pain chest, PCI with CHF, heart transplantation with repair of heart valves, and etc. After studies in the field of cardiology and cardiac patients who after initial treatment find themselves people with disabilities, think themselves lagged of routine daily life and economic activity; By this system, you can restore them again and return to routine life. In this series use, patients, according to a different kind of level of physical condition, can be controlled by a computer, connected to treadmill, bike ergometer, arm ergometer, elliptical  machine, and etc. Special hardware has been embedded in the design of this system to transfer ECG signal of patients to the nurse station computer wirelessly in order to be analyzed by the software. System performance  is so that it can connect simultaneously 4 to 64 patients to various modules of the device and the physician can define program and change Mets, Watt, Speed, Slope of devices based on the conditions of patients and also observes RMR-BMR-Calorie-BMI-BP, which are calculated by the software. All of the calculating process is done by the computer. All information is stored, so the doctor can constantly, monitor the patient’s condition, and due to the recovery process, adopt effective treatments during the whole process of treatment. Given that cardiovascular diseases are common diseases among people of the world, this device can be used to treat, improve and extend the life of patients with the history of CABG (open heart surgery).



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