Stress Test System

Cardiac Stress Test System Model: AST-3000

Cardiac Stress Test System is a set of hardware/software parts used to analyze the heart signal and diagnose and measure its changes in cardiovascular patients. This system is mainly used to detect the cause of chest pain, heart capacity, and cardiac arrhythmia. It also includes special hardware that provides the analysis of the patient’s ECG and wired/wireless transmission of it to the PC.Insignificant noise, while the patient’s running on the treadmill, bearing weight up to 200 kg, storing all data and ECG signal of patients, the ability to connect to the automatic Stress NIBP module, managing patient records, and obtaining general, specialized, and electrical safety standards, EMC, and valid EU approvals, are among the unique features of the Avecinna Cardiac Stress Test System.

  • Display and print 12 channels on A4 paper
  • Treadmill with 6 HP.AC motor power bearing weight up to 200 kg
  • Wired/Wireless ECG signal control with the technology of environmental noise protection
  • Anti-noise/interference technology to stabilize baseline and reduce electrical noise
  • Stress ECG unit for ETT system with the ability of heart signal analysis, removal of urban electricity and muscle tremor noises.
  • Save all data and ECG signals
  • Manage patient records (e.g., searching, editing, deleting, etc.)
  • High-quality ECG signal display with insignificant noise even while the patient’s running on the treadmill.
  • High accuracy in QRS wave detection
  • High-quality record of ECG waves with a list of ST depressions made from heart rate
  • One-year warranty for all device components and a five-year warranty for treadmill motors of the ETT system.
  • Free installation, setup, and training for all centers throughout Iran
  • Connect to automatic Stress NIBP module
  • Manufacturing license from the General Directorate of Medical Equipment of Iran
  • Certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485