Stress Test system Model: AST-3000

Cardiac stress test system is a set of hardware and software components is used in order to recognize and measure the changes and analyze heart signal of cardiovascular patients. This system is mainly used to determine the cause of chest pain, heart rhythm dysfunction and the capacity and power of the heart. Of course, there may be other reasons that physicians request to perform this test. In designing this collection, special embedded hardware that can transfer patients signal heart (ECG) wired and wireless to a computer and analyze them. In this test, treadmill or stationary bike is used. To perform this test while the electrical activity of the heart is recorded through ECG and measuring blood pressure, the person begins to walk on a treadmill or pedaling on the stationary bicycle. This diagnostic action indicates the heart response to the increasing need of body to oxygen. This diagnosis often continues until the heart rate increases to the desired number. Unless complications such as chest pain or high blood pressure occurs that in this case the test will be stopped. 10 to 15 minutes after exercising, the patient’s condition is under control until the heart rate returns to its initial levels. A unique feature of the stress test system manufacturing AVECINNA Company can be very little noise at the time of patient running on a treadmill, the ability to bear weight up to 200 kg, maintain and store all patient information and signal ECG , the connectivity module for automatic gearboxes Stress NIBP , patient records management, unconditional warranty up to 5 years for treadmill motors, free installation commissioning for all health centers throughout the country, also obtaining electrical safety standards, EMC and valid approvals from Europe Union cited.

ECG signal controllability wired and wireless with protection technology against environment noises.

Display and print 12 channel signal on A4 paper

Anti-noise / interference Technology, to ensure the consolidation and reduce the impact of baseline electrical noise

Stress ECG unit for exercise stress test system has the capability of cardiac signal analysis, eliminate muscle vibration noise and main power noise

Display ECG signals with very high quality and extremely low noise even in times of patient running on a treadmill.

The ability to maintain and store all the information and ECG signal

Treadmill with motor power of /AC H.p 6 and 5 years guarantee for motors and bearing weight up to 200 kg

Full option software under windows 7 and 10

Managing patients’ records, searching records, correcting records, delete or other activities

High accuracy in QRS wave recognition

Connectivity module for automatic gearboxes Stress NIBP

The ability to record ECG waveforms with high-quality and a list of ST depression of heart rate

Five-years warranty for stress test system treadmills

Manufacturing license from the General Administration of Medical Equipment

Valid certificate CE 2195 of Europe Union.

ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO13485: 2012

1-year warranty and 10-years parts supply by AVECINNA Company

Installation, commissioning and training for all centers across the country