ECG Machine

ECG Machine Model:Sina-100

Electrocardiograph device is a set of hardware components including: thermal printer, patient cable, Chest suction electrodes, Limb clamp electrodes, and heart signal display and control keys. By this device we can study and calculate electrical heart signals with sampling methods of releasing these signals in different areas of body. Electrocardiograph Model: SINA-100 is designed and produced in 2015 by AVECINNA Company. It has electrical safety standards, EMC and European Union authoritative confirmation. Special features of this device can be its very low noise, ease of use, ability to reprint the last patient’s ECG signal, connecting compatibility to computer systems and heart signal analysis through PC, capability of remaining in full function without being connected to external power source by an embedded internal battery, memory capacity to 150 patients, and 5 years warranty.


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