ECG Machine (New)

ECG Machine Model:Sina-100s

The electrocardiograph device is a comprehensive assembly of hardware components, including a thermal printer, cardiac signal display screen, control keys, rotary selector, patient cable, suction cups, and wrist straps. This device allows for the examination and measurement of electric signals generated by the heart’s electrical activity. By sampling the propagation of these signals in various areas of the body, the device enables the study and assessment of cardiac function. It adheres to electrical safety standards and holds credible certifications from the European Union. This device is distinguished by its special features, including extremely low noise, user-friendly operation, the ability to reprint signals from the latest patients, connectivity to computer systems for heart signal analysis, the capability to record ECG without reliance on mains power, utilizing its internal battery for up to 500 patients, and a 2-year warranty.


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